Cross-Cultural Communications Symposium: Moving from Empathy to Action

Cross-Cultural Communications Symposium: Moving from Empathy to Action

A statewide one-day symposium for anyone
seeking to communicate more effectively

Thursday, June 6th | 8:30am to 4:30pm
Connecticut Convention Center, Hartford, Connecticut

Registration is Now Open! 

“People make decisions based on shared cultural values.”  Nat Kendall-Taylor. CEO, Frameworks Institute

We instinctively know that telling the right story can help us educate the public and our constituencies, and move our issues into public dialog. But few of us who work in government, education, law enforcement, criminal justice, disability rights, and other nonprofits are able to generate the primary research that would help us re-frame our message and develop the most effective communication strategies.

At this year’s symposium, we will have conversations about:

  • The importance of research,
  • Understanding how applied data can help us in our communities,
  • The strategies of successfully re-framing challenging issues,
  • The synergistic relationship between us and our government and how to best develop that relationship in order to serve constituencies, and
  • The changing nature and opportunities of a fluid media landscape, including traditional, ethnic and social media.

Our keynote speaker will be Dr. Moira O’Neil, Director of Research Interpretation and Application at FrameWorks Institute.