Extreme Heat and Cooling Centers

Extreme Heat and Cooling Centers A helpful reminder from Connecticut’s Infoline 211….

“Throughout the summer months Connecticut may experience periods of extreme heat including excessively high temperatures and high levels of humidity. It is recommended that during periods of extreme heat that Connecticut residents take precautions and stay informed.   “Excessively high temperatures can be dangerous for peoples’ health, especially among the elderly, young children, and those who work outdoors.”

Cooling Centers “During periods of extreme heat, cooling centers are often opened up at the local level. These cooling centers provide a place to cool off for members of the community especially those most impacted by extreme heat. “If a city/town has opened a designated cooling center, United Way-211 lists the site location and hours on their website.” United Way- 211: Extreme Heat Cooling Centers  “To have your Cooling Center information added here or any changes made to current listings, please send your information to: [email protected] “