NCAAA Has Funding Available to Support VAccine and Booster Outreach Activities

NCAAA has funding available to support vaccine and booster outreach activities!  


On March 29, President Biden announced that the administration was taking further action to expand access to COVID-19 vaccines. One action included in this expansion is that through a partnership between the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the Administration for Community Living (ACL), ACL would provide nearly $100 million to help increase vaccinations among older adults and people with disabilities.  Check out our new Vaccine Support Services page.    

The disproportionate number of cases and deaths among Black, Indigenous and People of Color (BIPOC) in the current Coronavirus pandemic exemplifies one of many health inequities that exist in our society. Such injustices reflect systemic ecological, economic, and social biases in our health and service provision infrastructure.


The North Central Area Agency on Aging, Inc. (NCAAA) is soliciting proposals for programs that serve older persons (age 60 and older), individuals with disabilities, and their caregivers in the North Central Connecticut Region. (See MAP.)   Successful applicants will target vaccine-related services to low-income groups, minorities, low-income minorities, rural residents, individuals with limited English proficiency, residents with severe disabilities, Individuals at risk of institutionalization, and/or individuals with Alzheimer’s and related disorders.

The following activities are eligible for funding (the RFP link is below under Timeframe):

·        Disseminating credible information about COVID-19 vaccines and help direct those with questions to additional sources of information,
·        Identifying people who may need help getting a COVID-19 vaccination, including those who are unable to independently travel to a vaccination site,
·        Helping with scheduling a COVID-19 vaccination appointment for those who need help,
·        Arranging or providing accessible transportation to COVID-19 vaccination sites,
·        Providing technical assistance to local health departments and other entities on vaccine accessibility,
·        Providing personal support if needed (e.g., peer support), and
·        Reminding the person of their second vaccination appointment if needed.  

Timeframe ·        RFP is NOW posted to the NCAAA Website under  

Services> Grant Funding>Health & Wellness

·        RFP Due Date:     February 1st, 2022
·        Projects Begins March 1st, 2022
·        Funding Expires:   September 30th, 2022