NCAAA: November is National Family Caregiver Month! Learn about Respite Care

November is National Family Caregiver Month and NCAAA is here to remind you that:   

·        6 in 10 caregivers report working while caregiving (61 percent) and the majority have experienced at least one work-related impact (61 percent);
·        1 in 5 caregivers report high financial strain as a result of caregiving;
·        3 in 10 have stopped saving (28 percent) and;
·         1 in 4 have taken on more debt (23 percent). 

What can you do to assist your friends, colleagues and family members who need some help?  Our Caregiver Respite Programs are here to provide families with some necessary space to breathe.
What is respite care and how does it work? NCAAA can pay for a wide variety of in-home care such as home health aides, PCAs, homemakers, companions, Emergency Response Systems, and Home Delivered Meals. We can also pay for inpatient respite at skilled nursing facilities and assisted living facilities depending upon the level of care required. The purpose of respite care is to provide caregivers with a break in order that they may regroup and recharge.
Our Supplemental Services Program defrays the cost of caring.  Items we’ve covered include incontinence supplies, lift chairs, home modification equipment etc. As “gap filling” services, the service description is pretty wide open.  
  Not sure? Give us a call….(860)724-6443.     Here’s the link to our information: