NCEA September Blog: Virtually, People of All Ages Can Prevent Elder Abuse

We are pleased to share a new blog, “Virtually, People of All Ages Can Prevent Elder Abuse” by Kimmy Moon, NCEA Project Coordinator and Alexis Calleros, NCEA Project Assistant.    

Elder abuse is a serious public health and human rights issue that impacts us all on some level. There’s something – big or small – each of us can do to prevent elder abuse in our communities.  

Youth can be at the forefront of social change to create a society free from elder abuse, neglect, and exploitation as we all age. Through various ways, the NCEA team has strengthened connections with youth advocates to facilitate the flow of support between generations during the pandemic. Over this past year and a half, stellar youth volunteers have demonstrated the immense power of intergenerational solidarity through community service and technology.    

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