New Resources for Senior Nutrition Programs

The aging network has risen to meet many challenges during COVID-19. Senior nutrition programs have adapted services, activities, and events to continue safely supporting their communities across the country. As states move toward resuming some in-person activities to support the nutritional, social, and wellness needs of older adults, programs will face new experiences and challenges, including managing their staff, spaces, visitors, policies, and procedures. To support the network, ACL’s National Senior Nutrition Program has created new and updated resources that offer ideas and considerations.

Reopening Considerations

There are countless aspects of safely reopening, from the safe handling of food and site cleaning to mitigating the spread of the virus through distancing and masks. This document offers strategies and ideas to help programs consider the complexities of reopening and related policies and procedures. View the considerations

Safety Signage and Communication Materials

This resource includes links to various signage, including ready-to-print options, resources in Braille, and handwashing posters. It also gathers toolkits and easy-to-read materials to help the network reach specific communities. View the safety resource

Resources List

This document provides a list of helpful websites and materials on a range of topics, including site cleaning, face coverings, community spaces, guidance for staff, and mental health resources. View the list of resources

The considerations, materials, and ideas presented in these materials do not supersede local health and safety guidance, nor do they necessarily meet relevant requirements of specific funding streams. Program are responsible for ensuring their approaches and strategies employed align with all applicable regulations and guidance.