Senate Special Committee on Aging: Fraud Book Released, Resources to Protect Older Adults from Scams

Sen. Bob Casey released the following announcement:

Dear Friends:

Last week, I held a hearing entitled, “Frauds, Scams and COVID-19: How Con Artists Have Targeted Older Americans During the Pandemic.” The hearing examined the exploitation of older Americans during the coronavirus pandemic by scammers. Ms. Kate Kleinert of Glenolden, Pennsylvania shared her  story as a survivor of a scam.  Stories like Kate’s make clear why we must continue to raise awareness about frauds and scams and protect all Americans from these predatory schemes. Alongside Ranking Member Scott, I released the Committee’s annual Fraud Book to arm older adults, their families and caregivers with tools and tips to prevent and respond to scams.  No one should experience the shame and loss that comes with having been exploited by a criminal. We have a sacred duty to protect seniors against these con artists.


Robert P. Casey, Jr.
United States Senator
Chairman, Senate Special Committee on Aging