Senior Resources: Caregivers: You are Not Alone

It is estimated 17.7 million Americans provide care for a family member aged 65 or older with significantly impaired abilities. Among these caregivers, many have little or no training in how to provide care or manage healthcare systems, and so feel isolated and uncertain in their role.

For those many caregivers in need of guidance, Senior Resources offers unbiased information and
referral through individualized case managers available by phone, online or in-person appointment.
The importance of knowing you are not alone and training for commonalities of caregiving can be
addressed in Caregiver Support Groups. An extensive list of opportunities for group meetings are
happening throughout Eastern Connecticut. These meetings offer the opportunity to ask questions
in a small and caring group. Meetings are held online, by phone or in-person.

For an updated list of caregiver program options visit Senior Resources’ website:

Today’s virtual environment has broadened the opportunity for family caregivers to participate
from any geographic location. Thus, many tasks can be accomplished remotely to support the
family in caring for a loved one. Some support groups are tailored to specific diagnoses such as
dementia, yet there are similarities in all caregiving programs to fit any condition or situation.

“This has been such an amazing opportunity that we have been given. It is an invaluable resource,”
comments a Plainfield caregiver.

For more information, or for questions related to caregiving, contact Joan Marshall,
[email protected] or Robin Brewer, [email protected]

Senior Resources, the Area Agency on Aging in Eastern Connecticut, is a private non-profit
organization established in 1976 and authorized by the Older Americans Act of 1965 and state
statute to provide unbiased access, information and referral to programs related to aging.
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