State of Connecticut Diverse Communities Outreach COVID-19 Messaging Resources

The State of Connecticut Diverse Communities Outreach Taskforce has provided the resources below to help keep stakeholders informed of the state’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic and other pandemic-related information.

Hopefully this information will be useful as you continue to serve the public during this worldwide health crisis and that you please distribute these resources to any individuals or organizations that can help share this information with the public.

Vaccine Fact Sheets and Messaging Tools

Guidance For Vaccine Locations To Make Them Accessible And Address The Needs Of CT’s Diverse Communities

Ad Council Vaccine Campaign Materials

Videos In Spanish And English For CT Residents Age 55+ With The Facts About How Vaccinations Are Safe And Will Help Us All Get Back To Normal

COVID vaccination videos for residents 55, sponsored by the Aging and Disability Services State Unit on Aging, can be found linked to the ADS Covid Page and below:

American Sign Language Video: Getting Vaccinated Is How We Get Back To Normal

This captioned, voiced-over American Sign Language video sets out the facts about how getting vaccinated is safe and will protect individuals, their families and their communities. Please share this YouTube video so that people get the facts on how vaccination will help us get back to normal:

Vaccine Social Media Items of Note