UCONN Seeking Older Adults for Study on Emotional Well-being

University of Connecticut

Participants Wanted for a Research Study

Identifying Neural Pathways Implicated in Older Adults’ Emotional Well-being

         This study is designed to research and identify the underlying biological factors that promote better emotional well-being in older adults. Typically, older adults have a more positive affect and greater life satisfaction than younger adults due a reported greater mindfulness. In this study, participants are asked to complete a two-part fMRI scan to assess DMN connectivity which is associated with emotional regulation. They will complete a 20-minute resting scan and a 20-minute emotion expectation task while in the scanner. Completion of the assessment should take no longer than 1.5 hours

To be eligible to participate:

Must be 65+

Fluent in English


For more information, or to sign up for the study, please contact:

Dr. Natalie Shook

[email protected]

 (860) 486-0913