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Our Coalition

The Coalition of Elder Justice is a multidisciplinary, statewide group of private and public stakeholders working together to prevent elder abuse and protect the rights, independence, security, and well-being of vulnerable elders in Connecticut.

Our History

The Coalition for Elder Justice in CT was formed by the State Department on Aging in 2013, to lead and convene public and private stakeholders addressing elder justice issues in Connecticut. Governor Dannel Malloy recognized the Coalition and authorized the active participation by various state departments to collaborate to prevent and respond to all forms of elder abuse as illustrated in Executive Order 42. Since that time, the Coalition has hosted annual seminars, numerous trainings, and collaborative efforts on elder abuse and elder rights issues with our community partners. Action Teams work on such issues as financial frauds and scams targeting older adults; increasing advocacy for Skilled Nursing Facility residents; and training law enforcement professionals to recognize the signs of elder abuse and effectively working with older adults.

Mission Statement

Leverage a multidisciplinary statewide group of private and public stakeholders to prevent elder abuse and protect the rights, independence, security, and well-being of vulnerable adults.


  • Raise awareness of elder justice initiatives. 
  • Support statewide collaboration and development of potential solutions to prevent elder abuse, neglect, and exploitation, and address other elder justice issues. 
  • Promote the rights and autonomy of older people and those with disabilities.

Steering Committee

The Steering Committee is comprised of key member organizations with distinct expertise in elder abuse. Together they provide support, guidance, and oversight of progress on behalf of the Coalition. The Steering Committee is co-chaired by lead staff of the State Unit on Aging and the Long-term Care Ombudsman’s Office.

Coordinating Council

The Coordinating Council, an appointed body, is comprised of approximately 25 member organizations from within and outside of state government whose role is paramount in aging, disability, advocacy, elder rights, law enforcement, finance, education, insurance, victim services, and business. The Council oversees the general operations of the Coalition.

Coalition Members

The Coalition is a multidisciplinary, statewide network of agencies and organizations that are partnering to achieve the vision and goals of the Coalition. Membership is open to all interested stakeholders at no cost. Members receive information and updates, and have opportunities to attend seminars and the annual meetings, and participate in Action Teams.

Action Teams

The Coalition works to fulfill its mission through Action Teams of members who have identified concerns that impact the state’s ability to support an adequate public-private infrastructure; and the resources needed to be in a place to prevent, detect, treat, understand, intervene in, and, where appropriate, prosecute elder abuse, neglect, and exploitation.

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