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State & Federal Laws

Find specific Connecticut State Statutes and Regulations concerning elder rights and services, legislative acts affecting seniors, and relevant federal laws.

Connecticut Laws

Connecticut State Statutes

Department of Social Services
Protective Services for the Elderly
Sec. 17b-450 through 17b-464
Chapter 319dd – Protective Services for the Elderly 

Sec. 17b-451. Report of Suspected Abuse, Neglect, Exploitation, or Abandonment or Need for Protective Services, Penalty for Failure to Report, Immunity and Protection from Retaliation. Training Program. (List of Mandated Reporters)
Chapter 319dd – Protective Services for the Elderly 

 Sec. 17b-462. Cause of Action by an Elderly Victim. Civil Attachment Jurisdiction
Chapter 319dd – Protective Services for the Elderly 

Sec. 17b-463 Mandatory Training for financial agents in detecting fraud, exploitation, and financial abuse of elderly persons.
Chapter 319dd – Protective Services for the Elderly 

Department of Aging & Disability Services 
Long-term Care Ombudsman
Sec. 17a-870 through Sec. 17a-886
Chapter 319l – Department of Aging and Disability Services ( 

 Probate Courts and Procedure
Protected Persons and Their Property, Conservators  
Sec. 45a-644 through Sec. 45a-663
Chapter 802h – Protected Persons and Their Property 

 Department of Banking
Sec. 36a-596. Payment Instruments. Money Transmission (Virtual Currency)
Chapter 668 – Nondepository Financial Institutions ( 

Sec. 36b-14. Records and Financial Reports Required
Chapter 672a – Uniform Securities Act 

 Department of Public Health
Health Care Institutions; Hospitals, Home Health and Hospice, Adult Day Care Centers, Residential Care Homes, and Nursing Homes  
Sec. 19a-485 through 19a-565c  
Chapter 368v – Health Care Institutions ( 

Skilled Nursing Facility Patient Bill of Rights
Sec. 19a-550  
Chapter 368v – Health Care Institutions ( 

Health Care Instructions Appointment of Health Care Representative, Living Wills, Removal of Life Support, Sec. 19a-750 through 19a-580i
Chapter 368w – Removal of Life Support Systems and Medical Orders for Life-Sustaining Treatment ( 

Managed Residential Communities
Sec. 19a-693 through 19a-701  
Chapter 368bb – Managed Residential Communities (
Resident Bill of Rights Sec. 19a-697
Chapter 368bb – Managed Residential Communities ( 

Penal Code: Offenses
Sec. 53a-24 through  53a-323
Chapter 952 – Penal Code: Offenses ( 

Abuse of Elderly, Blind or Disabled Persons or Persons with Intellectual Disability
Sec. 53a-321 through 53a-323
Chapter 952 – Penal Code: Offenses (

Connecticut State Regulations

Regulations of Connecticut State Agencies 
Up to date versions of the state regulations can be found on the Office of the Secretary of State’s website: Connecticut eRegulations System: Portal to Connecticut Regulations. Users can search by keyword or section number. Below is a list of regulation section numbers and headings that relate to Elder Abuse and Elder Rights.  

Protective Services for the Elderly  

Sec. 17b-461-1. Definitions 

Sec. 17b-461-2. Reporting Suspected Cases of Abuse, Neglect, Exploitation or Abandonment of Elderly Persons 

Sec. 17b-461-3. Reporting Requirements 

Sec. 17b-461-4. Evaluation of Report 

Sec. 17b-461-5. Findings, Referrals, Registry and Confidentiality 

Sec. 17b-461-6. Procedures on Referrals 

Sec. 17b-461-7. Access to Records, Authority of the Department and Assistance by Public or Private Agencies 

Sec. 17b-461-8. Court Procedures 

Sec. 17b-461-9. Payment for Protective Services; Procedures when Elderly Person Unable to Pay  


Office of the State Long-Term Care Ombudsman 

Sec. 17b-411-1. Definitions 

Sec. 17b-411-2. Duties of Host Agency 

Sec. 17b-411-3. Long-Term Care Ombudsman Qualifications. Regional Ombudsman Qualifications, Volunteer Resident Advocates, Qualifications and Duties. 

Serc. 17b-411-4. State Ombudsman Responsibilities and Duties 

Sec. 17b-411-5. Regional Ombudsman. Duties and Responsibilities. 

Sec. 17b-411-6. Volunteer Resident Advocate. Duties and Responsibilities 

Sec. 17b-411-7. Executive Board 

Sec. 17b-411-8. Volunteer Resident Advocate Certification and Training Program 

Sec. 17b-411-9. Access to Facilities, Residents and Resident Records 

Sec. 17b-411-10. Confidentiality and Disclosure 

Sec. 17b-411-11. Complaints 

Sec. 17b-411-12. Investigation of Complaints 

Sec. 17b-411-13. Conflict of Interest 

Sec. 17b-411-14. Legal Representation 

Connecticut Legislative Updates - Acts Affecting Seniors

The Office of Legislative Research of the Connecticut General Assembly produces a post-legislative session report each year, entitled “Acts Affecting Seniors”. Within these reports you will find several enacted bills that relate to the multi-faceted issue of elder abuse.

2023 Acts Affecting Seniors

2022 Acts Affecting Seniors

2021 Acts Affecting Seniors

2020 Acts Affecting Seniors
Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Acts Affecting reports were not published.

2019 Acts Affecting Seniors

2018 Acts Affecting Seniors

2017 Acts Affecting Seniors

2016 Acts Affecting Seniors

Federal Laws

The national Elder Justice Coalition monitors and influences relevant legislation and regulations that pertain to the prevention of elder abuse, neglect, and financial exploitation.   Click here to see their list of federal legislation enacted.