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What is Elder Abuse?

People who abuse and exploit older adults do not discriminate. Their abuse affects people in every segment of society, all ethnic and social backgrounds, and all genders. An elder abuse victim may be your neighbor, friend, family member, or even you. It is estimated that one in every 10 older adults are abused each year.

Basic Facts

Elder abuse comes in many forms, occurs in any setting, and usually happens in a trusted relationship between the older adult and the perpetrator, or the older adult is specifically targeted based on age or disability. You can help stop abuse from occurring by learning to see the signs of abuse and knowing how to act.

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Types of Abuse

There are many forms of abuse. Below are some common definitions of different types and examples as they pertain specifically to older adults.

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Prevention & Warning Signs

There are a number of actions that can help prevent elder abuse. These actions, paired with knowing the warning signs, can make a positive change in the life of someone being abused.

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If you or someone you know is a victim of elder abuse, make a report or call the Elder Justice Hotline for immediate support.

Make a ReportCall 860-808-5555