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For Law Enforcement: EAGLE Newsletter

EAGLE Newsletter
July 29, 2021
  IACP’s #PathForward Campaign     In May, the IACP launched #PathFoward – an overarching campaign to help enhance law enforcement’s efforts to tell better the story of all that policing is – the collaborative nature of community partnerships, the excellent work of agencies every day, and the progressive efforts to elevate the profession.   Learn More   Download PDF     VINELink – Empowering Victims of Crime     VINELink is an online portal to VINE, America’s number one victim notification network. VINE has been providing victims and concerned citizens with the power of information for decades, allowing these individuals to have the sense of security that they deserve. VINELink can be accessed 24 hours a day, seven days a week, to provide the most reliable information for custody status changes and criminal case information.
    Access VINE   Watch Video – What is VINE     Live Online Training!     This course promotes a multi-agency approach to the problem of financial exploitation of senior citizens. Topics include working with senior victims, examining documents like bank records and power of attorney, and resources for investigation and community awareness. Detailed examination of a case study from initial complaint to prosecution reinforces and illustrates the course content.    Course Detail   Upcoming Course List         Follow EAGLE on Twitter!